Currency Exchange Places in India

IHG make travelling to the amazing country India much easier for foreign tourist. If you belong to a different nationality, carrying your national currency, you need not worry. We tell you how you can get your exchange rates, here in India.

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Foreign Currency:
Foreign Exchange comprising foreign currency notes/coins, travelers’ cheque, drafts drawn on banks in India or Bank letters of credit can be brought into India without limit. However, if the total amount of foreign currency notes/coins of travelers cheque brought into India at one time exceeds US$10,000/- or its equivalent, it is required to be declared by the holder to the Indian customs authorities on arrival on a currency declaration form (CDF). A copy of the CDF duly certified by the customs will be handed over to the declarant. This declaration helps easy conversion of foreign currency into Indian currency by the tourists and also reconversion of their unspent balances of Indian rupees into Foreign Currency at the time of departure from India. Banks CDFs are available with the Airport/Seaport customs.

Indian Currency
Bringing into India Indian currency of any denomination is prohibited. Foreign Tourists returning to India from Nepal area, however permitted to bring with them unspent Indian currency note. There is no restriction bringing into India cheque/drafts denominated in India rupees drawn on banks situated in India by overseas banks.

Personal Jewellery
Foreign Tourists are permitted to bring with them their personal jewellery either on their person or as part of their personal effects in accordance with customs baggage rules. In order to facilitate customs clearance of personal jewellery at the time of the tourists’ departure from India, details thereof are endorsed on the tourists’ passport at the time of entry.

You will be glad to know that travelers’ cheque and the Foreign Currency notes can be easily converted into Indian currency with any branch of a bank authorized to deal in Foreign Exchange or licensed money changers.

The rates for purchase and sale of Pound Sterling and US Dollar currency notes and foreign currency travelers’ cheque, where applicable, are quoted by authorized dealers/money changers within the floor and ceiling rates worked out daily in accordance with guidelines prescribed by Reserve Bank of India. Currencies like Pound-Sterling, US Dollar and Deutsche Mark, Swiss Francs and Japanese Yen are widely accepted.

Foreign Nationals have to normally pay their Hotel Bills in Foreign Exchange. They may also pay the Hotel Bills in Indian Rupees, provided the rupees are derived out of sale of Foreign Exchange to authorized dealers/licensed money-changers as evidenced by the production of encashment certificates

For travel within India, Foreign Tourists have to pay the fares in Foreign Exchange. All Booking offices of the Indian Airlines, private airlines and booking offices of Indian Railways at many important centres accept payment in Foreign Exchange from Foreign Tourists.

Foreign Tourists not holding return tickets purchased aboard may book their passage tickets for travel out of India through any Airlines/Shipping company or licensed travel agents. The passage fare has to be paid in foreign exchange or in Indian currency obtained in an approved manner.

Foreign visitors are required to pay charges for the excess baggage or freight on their unaccompanied baggage in foreign exchange. Payment in Indian rupees is also acceptable if supported by valid encashment certificates